środa, 16 listopada 2016

new women

Whether they are monsters?
Fortunately, more and more women have career goals, are "resultat oriented", want to have a successful professional life.
But whether such women are becoming a woman?
You can not kazdza in the same bag loaded, however, a woman starts to be another moment.
First pracwac want to like the guy. The woman does not want the same MEASURE take care of dzieczmi.
However, I consider it a mistake.
No pupil has to take care of a child
Second woman thinks of when he takes maciezynski August vacation for a month is enough. It really more important is career than education child
The woman likes sex
It really likes sex but not actually likes sex but "new" sex, wants to get to know a new life, to have a few partners, because bored August
We live in a society where they quickly get bored, change our minds, moods, countries, work ... and there are new partnery
This creates a brothel August: our civilization is ciwilizacja mixed-orginalna where novelty is one of the new values
Novelty already does not mean constantly prosperity
Try new coktail, a new sexual positions and so on.
Of course, I'm exaggerating a little but it seems to me that, unfortunately, we have for this

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