środa, 16 listopada 2016

Eat something good

End of studies and what next?
When the round ends studios or MA or post-secondary education or licensjatckie this end for some time.
The end of the time whose symbol was a student card.
However, one day things come to an end with the end of studies, the end of olewaniem lectures, with kartkowakmi, the "giants" with braces.
Not just the end of it but also the end of free time which was in the middle of the day, with events during the week, every week
Now it's time for a new time.
Or worse?

Is better?
Some of you say "afraid" of what you are afraid of?
They are afraid that already will not be as it used to? Afraid of the future? Little is all this.
Life beyond the studies that none space but actually looks busier.
People are afraid in Poland, because I do not know whether they will find work, it is impossible to understand something like this, actually when you are from outside of Warsaw is not easy to get 'decent' work
But people are afraid of something else too.
They are afraid that the longer friends will not be around them, they will be alone "against" the world one girlfriend in May and will end with her (which is sweet), some leave somewhere else
But maybe it is worth to look at this from a different eye. Finish my studies to have new challenges in life, meet new people in August, it comes out in August with a circle. Anyone experiencing something like this, it's time to cool
Alternatively, you can:
Not to reason that they lose friends, true it will be others who do not will be it's not the end of the world.
Approached quiet ... or zacznyc new study.
Eat something good ... August uspokoji man a few minutes
Go to graduate and work (my case)
Have a nice tuesday

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